Ibu material distribution

IBU expands Equipment Support Program

The IBU has shown in the past that it is a forerunner when it comes to supporting smaller and financially weaker federations. This week, they underlined that standing by providing all kinds of materials to different associations.

The biathlon season is already in full swing with the first two weeks of racing already done and the third one just kicking off. But the excitement of racing does not distract the IBU from equally important tasks like the support of smaller federations. This time, they gave out all different kinds of materials worth about 800.000€ in total, which allows athletes to compete even more competitively in the future.

The material was distributed during a conference in Hochfilzen during the world cup last week. Almost 250 pairs of skis, almost 200 pairs of poles and more than 600 bindings were only a part of this bid to help federations. Each federation received materials worth anywhere between 10.000-30.000€. This will allow for more exciting races as we hope that the IBU continues its amazing program in the future!

Theresa Jost, IBU Development Project Coordinator, who manages the project, said:

“The material distribution is a unique project organized by the IBU since several years to support its developing Member federations with equipment for their youth and junior athletes. The preparations of such a project are quite extensive as the equipment has to be ordered from all partners, the wishes of the National Federations are considered for the distribution and then we still have to do the allocation of the material and of course the distribution in Hochfilzen itself.

To do the allocation in a fair and transparent way, we decided that according to our current development structure, all B-Nations (13) should receive 30% of the material, all C-Nations (20) should receive 60% of the material, and all D­ Nations (7) should receive 10%. A-Nations (advanced structure) and E-Nations (provisional and inactive members) have been excluded from the material distribution according to the IBU Development structure principles (2016)”.