Jonne Kähkonen

Jonne Kähkonen: “Lisa made an incredible improvement that speaks a lot about level that she has”

At the end, after a long race season, we reached the Finnish coach Jonne Kähkonen to take stock of this season which has given so much satisfaction to his athletes, in particular Lisa Vittozzi, but which has seen the young women’s group have some ups and downs. Click here to read the italian version.

“For the season, now passed, obviously Lisa Vittozzi’s success was the highlight. A world champion and the overall World Cup winner on the same year speaks a lot about the consistency and the level that she has. From my perspective and in terms of the shooting performance, she made an incredible improvement of 5% in the total hits (prone+standing) from 88% last year to 93% this year – these are the individual races, not including the relays.

As a team, we had some ups and downs; it was great to see at the end of the season that we stayed strong physically and mentally and had a 13th place finish for Samuela Comola and Beatrice Trabucchi and Michela Carrara with her career best top 20 as well. During the last trimester Beatrice Trabucchi was also shooting 93% which is very good for an athlete who is racing at the World Cup for the first year”.

“The relay performance this year was not quite as good as last year; we also made some changes to try different compositions which obviously affected the potential. However, this is a clear area of improvement for us and I want to focus on it some more next year”.


Foto: Elena Facondo